Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Books this month: The fault in our stars-Looking for Alaska


During this month I’ve read two books by the same author: Jean GREEN

Jean GREEN is one of the famous authors of the young adult gendra, he’s also well ‘known for his and brother YouTube channel “thevlogbrothers” , they make really fun and interesting videos, I love the fact that this channel connects the author with his readers.

Back to the books, I’ve read “The fault in our stars” and “Looking for Alaska”, I loved the stories of both books and I liked how real the characters were I got attached to them easily in spite of the fact that I didn’t like or didn’t understand some of their actions well they smoke, drink, have sex easily like it’s a normal thing to do, I was shocked especially that the characters are teenagers maybe that’s what we call a cultural shock.

There is a thing I noticed while reading the books is that there are some similarities between the stories which make me wonder if Jean GREEN’s other books have the same plot, well I’ll have to read them to figure that out, which I’ll definitively do because in spite of the cultural shock I had I did really enjoyed reading both books, and because of them I changed my opinion about the young adult gendra.