Monday, February 29, 2016

Library Book Hall

Hello friends,
If you are a book lover and you are constantly broke like in my case, you have only two options to read books either you go to google and write the name of the book you have in mind plus pdf free download, or you go to the library. thanks GOD we have those options because if you live in morocco, books are insanely expensive I don’t even go around book shops anymore. since I prefer paper books over e-books I borrow books from the library more often, in this post I would share with you the books I borrowed to read for the next weeks.

I borrowed two graphic novels:

La tectonique de plaques by Margaux Motin :a book that the woman at the library told me was so funny plus I really liked the drawings and the colors, it’s actually the third book of a trilogy I couldn't find the first and the second ones but it’s ok I think I would understand the story without reading them.

Journal d’un dégonflé by Jeff Kinney: This graphic novel is a diary of 12 years old child, the book just looks fun.

Three non fiction books which are:

Les monologues du vagin by Eve Ensler: this book is a piece of theatre inspired from responses that the author Eve Ensler got when she asked a bunch of women about their opinion about their vagina, I chose this book because I found its title on the internet when I was looking for books about feminism, the subject looks so weird which made me excited to read the book.

Le surrealisme by Patrick Waldberg: For some reason lately I became really curious about surrealism, I just want to know its roots, history the meaning of its symbols, maybe this book would answer those questions.

Comment parler d'art aux enfants by Françoise Barbe-Gall : The art section at the library intimidates me, I like paintings and art in general but I don’t understand much of it, I was afraid to pick a book that I would find difficult, so I picked a book aimed for teachers, a easy way for them to answer students questions, I think it would be useful for someone like me.

The last thing I borrowed is a movie, I chose a movie called HARRAGAS directed by the Algerian director Merzak Allouache, I actually never had heard about this movie; hope it won’t be a waste of time.

So this was my library hall, excited to read all those books and watch the movie. I would like to know if you borrow from the library like me or you prefer to own your books or you do both? Have a nice day everyone.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


I’m officially a 22 year old girl, nothing really to brag about since I don’t feel either an adult or a women, I feel just like me with a little bit more knowledge than last year and less weight which is not a good thing in my case, so this what happened in the year I had 21 years old:

February 2015:
I dropped out of school, I searched for a job or an internship but in vain, spend the whole month between cleaning the house and watching TV, wow now that I look at it was a miserable month.

March 2015:
I found an internship at an accounting office, I learned a lot actually but the most interesting thing I learned was that the last thing I want to do as a job is accounting.  

April 2015:
Still at that office doing the same thing every day, I remember the only thing that highlighted my April was the fact that I was reading the millennium series a really interesting crime trilogy it was just the perfect thing for me to read at that time.

Mai 2015:
After two months I figured it was better for me to end that internship, I got really tired from all the walking I had to do from my home to the office and from the office to my home, it was a 30 min walk and I had to do it 4 time a day which was a lot. 

June 2015:
I went to Casablanca for the first time after a year, I was really happy to meet up with my friend Yousra I didn't get to see the others I regret it now so much, I wrote a long article about that trip on the blog, now that I think about it Agadir became my city as much as Casa, after I returned I redid my ID with my new address, Ramadan I think started at the middle of June, I spent most of it at home making orange juce the only thing I could make and washing ftour and shour dishes.

July 2015:
started a summer job which was a bless, I was going nuts from staying at home, I had to work from 11 am to 7 pm as a waitress it was really tiring and nerve rocking at sometimes but I really liked it, I made some really good friends from it. 

August 2015:
August, ah august was fun, I was still working, but I went out a lot with my sisters and friends.

September 2015:
I was sending applications to go back to school, and I was really stressing out because of it, waiting and hoping that was my September. 

October 2015:
 I got accepted at a school, which was a happy thing, I missed school.

November/ December 2015:
Those two months were all about school, homework and friends I also read some really good books.

January 2016:
Midterm exams, what else I also went out a lot with some friends from my summer job , I discovered a really beautiful garden in Agadir and I read a book that made me a fan of surrealism.

Well that’s what I remember from last year the year I had 21 years old, it had its good and bad moments, I’m so thankful for it anyway, I’am so thankful for having a good health me and my family thankful for being able to go to school and finish my education, and thankful that I have accesses to books I know that the best part of my every year on this earth would the books I’ll be able to read, my 22 year old would be way better I know it because I’ll make it so, I’ll read more and write more and be the me I want to be more if that makes any sense.. I still don’t believe I have already 22 years old !!!


Saturday, February 20, 2016

My current favorite spanish songs #5

Hello friends in today’s post I’ll be talking about my favorite Spanish songs for the moment, it feels good to enjoy great music and learn some new vocabulary at the same time so let’s get started;

The first song is perdóname by Ricky Martin, thisong came out last week and I'm in love with it, Ricky Martin never disappoint me.

La noche se convierte en enemigo
Y tu voz poco a poco a marchitar
Este silencio habla más que el ruido
Y cierra un pacto con la soledad
The night becomes an enemy
And you voice gently to wither
This silence talks more than the noise
And makes a pact with the solitude

Flores de Papel by Santos Real ft. Ivan Troyano letra
I don't understand much from this song especially the rap part, I know it has a deep meaning, and I really like Santos Real's voice.

Y tu cielo llorará la tormenta de tu voz
El silencio grita al borde de un adiós
Y me quema hasta la piel cuando vuelves a caer
Y tus lágrimas son Flores de Papel 

the next songs are by some singers that I never have heard about before, i randomly discovered them on youtube.


Dasoul "Si Me Porto Mal", Dasoul is a Spanish singer and I kind of like istyle.

Ella, se quiere asegurar que todo sean rumores
Y me tienta, rozándome los labios con esos sabores
Vamos lento, que esto me está matando
Quieres fuego en el juego, qué es lo que estás tramando


Mario Jefferson - Disaster ft. JoJo
when I fir
st heard this song I was immediately in love with it, it has two parts, the first in spanish the second in english, the melody is just beautiful, the singer is a boy don't get confused like me, he just has an angelic voice

Me cuesta tanto creer 
que no será otra vez como ya pasó. 
No quise ver que acabó. 
Te siento dentro de mí, en mi interior. 
Por ti sentí lo imposible. Fue tan increíble. 
Algo demente que nadie entiende. 

Last but not least
El Ultimo Adios - Ivan Troyano ft. Nuria Land

Hoy amanecí en otra habitación Y sabía que esa no era mi mujer. Quiero imaginarme que no es realidad Que todo era un sueño pero no es verdad. Lo siento, me duele, pero algo pasa entre tu y yo. El fuego, la noche, es algo en su mirada que me imnotizó.

so those were the top 5 songs I have been listening to non stop lately, what are yours? I would be happy to know your favorite songs for the moment.