Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It was one of those days when I was still searching for something to do with my life, I copied my resumé, worn my favorite sweater and headed to the bus station.
I had no precise idea in mind where I was going, I just got so bored and told myself why not go downtown put my resumé at some shops, I knew it wasn't the time yet to search for this kind of job, there was not that much tourists, so shops don't hire extra workers at this time of the year, but maybe I'll get lucky, maybe some coffee shop needs a waitress or I don't know any other thing.
That day was sunny, it felt like a day of summer, but in fact it was winter, this city doesn't care about seasons, I spent a half a year in AGADIR, and one thing I learned about it, you can never predict the weather, but it was a good sign, at least the weather was on my side.

Once there and after putting down my resumé at some shops, I sensed that it wasn't at all the right time to search for this kind of job, most restaurants, coffee shops, stores where empty, so I decided to return to my house.
On my road back to the bus station, this man who I know was a tourist approached me, I know he would be asking about some place that for sure I don't know about. and I was right, he asked me if I knew a good restaurant that cooks moroccan dishes, I replied that I don't know, I don't eat out a lot, which was true. he pretended to be shocked and said: really you don't know, at your age you would normally go out a lot with your friends.
I wasn't in a good mood to talk, but that man looked like he was lonely and just wanted to have a conversation with someone, he looked over forty so I said why not talk with him, maybe this would cheer me up, I explained to him that even if I go out with my friends we wouldn't be eating moroccan cuisine, we eat it all the time at our houses.
he smiled and introduced himself to me, his name was Nino which I found really funny, he is a retired teacher, I also introduced myself and asked him about his nationality, because I couldn't figure that out he spoke in perfect french, yet he had an accent, he told me he was Italian. then he shocked me with that question:
_Why are you looking sad?

I wasn't expecting this question, I was feeling depressed and lost, but I was trying my best to look confident, I guess I'm not a that good at acting, I couldn't shut my mouth, I should have but I didn't, I told him every thing about me looking for a job, and me not finishing school, he listened to me without interrupting, he tried to understand me then when I finished talking said:
_You know, I was a teacher and I have heard this story so many times, you are still young you can work but consider that maybe one day you're going to regret not finishing school.
I explained to him that I couldn't stand how the college I was studying at worked, it's total chaos.
_Is this college that you hate the only option you have to finish studying? do you have  any other option?
_Yes I have, but next year.
_Then go for them, try them, take this advice from an old man, a job as waitress isn't a job you wanna be doing for the rest of your life, trust me.
_Ok, I'm going to keep this in mind.
_Good, don't think just about today keep in mind tomorrow, and don't be sad about your situation, every person in their life goes through this phase; when they don't know what to do, when they're lost but not all have the chance you have to finish or even change what they're studying, study your possibilities and choose right, let's have an ice cream together, it'll cheer you up.
_No, it's ok, I'm already better now that I talked with you.
_Don't say no, I'm inviting you.
_No, really I can't, I'm so tired I just need to go to my house,(deep inside me I did really needed that ice cream, but I couldn't accept his invitation it just didn't seem right, he was a total stranger.)
_Ok just give me your number so we can stay in contact, and have a cup of coffee some other day.
_I'm so sorry I can't (there was no harm from me giving him my number, but again it didn't seem right, I would look like those girls who go around looking for old tourist, to buy them thing so no I refused to give him my number.)
_It's ok, I'm not going to force you to give me you number, I wish you good luck, and to do the right choices in your life.

I wished him good luck too, and thanked him for his advice, then we parted. I headed off to the bus station and him I don't know to where, I didn't look back.

That was how I met Nino, the italian tourist who I don't think I'm going to see again, but in a way or another helped me a lot, just by listening to me, I just needed that at the time. Now that I think about it I wish we talked for longer, his words were wise, he talked like a dad who's concerned about his daughter, but I took the right decision to not stay in contact with him, I think!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spanish songs #1

In today's post I'll be talking about my favorite spanish songs those days.
let's start with one of my favorite artists ever Ricky Martin, who released a new album in February "A Quien Quiera Escuchar", and what a wonderful album, all the songs are beautiful but my favorite ones are:
"Adiós" and "Disparo al Corazón" for me now, they are the best : 

The chorus:
Adiós                                                              Goodbye
Te tengo que decir adiós                                I have to tell you goodbye
Me estoy volviendo loco                                  I'm going crazy
Loco, loco, loco, loco por tu amor                   crazy, crazy, crazy, for your love 

my favorite part :

Me vuelve loco                                                       I'm going crazy 
De la forma en que besas poco a poco                    with the way you kiss little by little
Perdona si al marcharme me equivoco                     forgive me if I'm wrong to go away
Pero esta noche te tengo que dejar                          but I have to leave you tonight 

Ok, this song is addictive, that french part is just hilarious along with that ¡ay, Dios mío, qué novela! in the end.
"disparo al corazónis just another story, this song is different from "Adiós" with deep lyrics:

the chorus:
Conocerte fue un disparo al corazón                 Meeting you was a gunshot at the heart
Me atacaste con un beso a sangre fría              You attacked me with a kiss in cold blood
Y yo sabía                                                        And you knew it
Que era tan letal la herida que causó                How lethal, lethal, the injury you’ve caused 
Que este loco aventurero se moría                   This crazy venturous died
Y ese día comenzó                                          And this day started
Tanto amor con un disparo al corazón               With your love with a gunshot at the heart

and the music video of this song is just as beautiful as its lyrics.

the third and fourth songs i want to share aren't that new, but I just discovered them and I'm glad I did, they are so good.

"Darte un Beso" by Prince Royce:

What I love the most about this song is that her lyrics are so sweet and full of vocabulary I didn't know before, especially in the first verse:
Amarte como te amo es complicado                      To love you like I love you is complicated
Pensar como te pienso es un pecado                    To think the way I think about you is a sin
Mirar como te miro está prohibido                          To look the way I look at you is prohibited 
Tocarte como quiero es un delito                           To touch you like I want is a crime
I'm glad I know now Prince Royce he has such a beautiful voice.

The other song is "Propuesta indecente" by Romeo Santos:

The song is originally by Romeo Santos but I like way better this cover.
the chorus:
Si te invito una copa si te
y me acerco a tu boca si te robo
un besito a ver no te enojas conmigo
que dirias si esta noche te seduzco en mi coche
que se empañen los vidrios y la regla es que gozes
si te falto el respeto yo no culpo al alcohol si levanto
tu falda me darias el derecho
de medir tu sensates poner en juego tu cuerpo
si te parece prudente esta propuesta indecente
The last song I want to share is:"Enamorate" by Dvicio

I knew about this song through tumbler, this song was last week all over tumbler, mainly because of the handsome members of the band who sing it, plus the funny way they filmed the music video. obviously I didn't like the song only because of the good looking band but also because of the beautiful voice of the singer and the sweet lyrics: 
Enamorate, te, te, otra vez,                                   
quiero recordarte que bonito es verlo,
todo en una nube del color del cielo...
Enamorate, te, te, otra vez,
bajar a la tierra y tocar con los dedos,
el agua del mar, tu cuerpo con mi cuerpo...

So those where my favorite spanish songs those days, and I'd like to mention that for the lyrics and the translation, I use this website that I like so much are always the fastest to translate songs which is awesome.