Monday, March 31, 2014

The Danielle STEEL challenge

danielle steel

To change the routine of my life, I started thinking about doing something challenging for me during this  month which was Mars, but I couldn't think of anything.
Until a friend of mine told me that  the SEKKAT library opened again after months of maintenance,
it was my second year in college but I didn't get a chance to go inside that library so I said why not go inside and discover the books they have in. 
The library was big, and the inside was nice I did really  like it, they have books in all the subjects taught in Hassan II university, and also books in English.        
I noticed that they have books of the famous American author Danielle STEEL, and at that moment I figured out my challenge it was to read four books by Danielle STEEL in this month. 
After reading some pages of one of her books I told myself I can win this challenge why not specially that the style the author writes with was easy to understand for someone who has my modest level in English.
 And to start the first book  I chose was The long road home, I was so excited while reading it that I finished it in a week, that was quick  for someone who didn’t read a book in a two years, the story was catchy, tells the story of a girl Gabriella, her journey in life from childhood to her twenties, what I did really liked about this book was that the main character Gabriella during the story lived in three different  places , in every one of those places I learned new vocabulary that was fun. 
The second book I borrowed from the library was RANSOM, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed The long road home. if I knew what ransom means when I picked up that book I would not take it. I’m not a fan of the FBI and police stories but I can’t deny the fact that the book was good and I managed to finish it. 
The third book I took was BITTERSWEET by also Danielle STEEL this time I failed to read to whole book, I stopped at the  chapter 7 and the main raison I think was that the  story wasn’t interesting for me and it was pretty predictable, beside that there was something that really annoyed me in third book and I had noticed it in also the second book I  read, was that the author always repeats  some sentences, and also describes how the characters were feeling after any action they did. I’m not in a position at ALL to criticize a famous author as Danielle STEEL, but it was just how I felt.

The month of April began and I just read too book and seven chapters of Danielle steel books, that means that I failed to accomplish my challenge, but I’m not disappointed of myself I had fun reading those books, I regret all those years that had passed without me reading in them I will try to read more also in this month.

    P S: I feel guilty for not finishing BITTERSWEET I’m going to finish it one day ….but not soon!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring is coming…I think…?!?


I just turned twenty, but I don't feel like charles AZNAVOUR said "c'est toujours le printemps, quand nos vingt ans résonnent" well the weather is not nice at all. 
I feel empty inside, and I have lot of reasons to feel so, but the main reason is that I don't enjoy any more the only thing that i loved doing, which is studying and learning. 
In fact I hate going to university, Moroccan university is so depressing, I struggle with going there every day and  I don't have any other choice, sometimes I think about quitting college but I know it's not the right decision to take, and beside that my family will never  let me do that.                                                                  
I know I should figure out a solution to this problem, I don't know how some people can succeed in those conditions, 
I started thinking maybe the problem is me, maybe I'm asking too much from university, I'm not a high school student any more asking from the teachers to give me everything, it took me two year to understand that, how sad is that. 
Monsieur AZNAVOUR I have a suggestion whether you change the lyrics of your song or I change the way I see my life, well I think I should change the way I see my life, your songs are so beautiful I don't think someone should touch their lyrics.