Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcome to reality

It was not always like this, I had a dream once ,I just lost it and started looking for another one,  but where I live they don’t believe in dreams there is already a road for me to go on, I know that my situation isn’t as dramatic as I make look  but sometimes it looks tiring and energy consuming to stand for my own thought it looks much more easier to just go with the flow. Finding a dream who I’m kidding maybe I watched a lot of American movies. a dream is a big word  now that think about it what is a dream anyway  ,why am I using this word so much, maybe I should use another word a goal in life or an objective , is having  a dream or a goal or whatever I call it that important? Why am I trying so hard to find one? maybe that's what they call reality.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


21 april 2014

I wake up today on the sound of mom and dad talking, on the same subject that now they were talking about for two months  the subject of us moving to Agadir.

The story began the day my dad retired, he and mom thought  that there is no need of us to stay in Casa, since the only thing that kept us here all those years was dad’s work, now that he’s not working it’s time to retour to our original city.
I’m ok with moving it’s not like I’m not attached to Casa the city where I lived since my birth but, dad and mom always told us that we don’t belong to here, they know that Agadir and Casa are both Moroccan cities but Agadir or the region of souss massa draa is the place where they feel most comfortable, were they could freely speak their language. none of my sisters or my brother could refuse their decision specially that there is noting that forces us to stay in Casa, and also we all steel live under the their roof so how can we object!!
My parent know that going there is starting again from zero because we don’t have much money that’s why they talk about this subject every day ,EVERY DAY the thing that really annoys me and this torture will not finish until  we go out of this city .