Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's all about the background

Finally I found something to do with my life, at least for the next four months, an internship at an accounting firm.
Finding an internship wasn't easy at all. at first I thought all I need is good resumé but no, it's not enough in morocco, you need more, you need to know someone who happens to know someone who knows the manager of the firm you attend to work at, from my brief experience that's the best way, the way that guarantees finding an internship or a job.
I tried other ways for a month, handed down my resumé in a lot of firms, I searched on internet on those useless websites (really useless I spend a lot of my time responding to offers but no one called it's like they fool people), but nothing worked is it bad luck or just those ways don't work anymore, I don't know.
I would have been really more proud if I had found this internship by myself, but it's ok I tried and it's not like I don't deserve this chance, it's weird how just yesterday I read in a book "the girl who played with fire" a quote that I thought was sad "it's all about the background" but it's true, life is much easier if you have a good background, a family with acquaintances that can help, some people have more chances just because they have the right background the sad unfair fact of the day.