Thursday, April 20, 2017

A week in Tata

Tata is one of the those small city that I happened to hear about, but never knew were it was or imagined that I’ll go to it one day but it’s life you’ll go to places you never imagined you’ll visit, so because of my work I had to go there for a week, I had no idea what to expect, and I wasn’t expecting much what to expect from a city in the middle of the desert with no beach, but I was wrong that city was really interesting and I had a lot of fun, the city itself hasn’t a lot to see but the surrounding is beautiful.

First thing that will catch your eyes in Tata is the traditional wear of the women, not all of them wear like this but some still go out like that, a girl from Tata told me that the long dark scarf is called Adal and the long skirt is called Lizar mostly they wear those two specific colors.

The other two things that I found so funny in Tata were the ugly bus and that garden called “el9alb” the heart, I don’t know who came up with the idea of the name and the design of the garden but he is certainly genius hh.

And when I thought that this city has nothing more than palm trees and the sunny dry weather of the desert that attracts tourists from europe,

a friend suggested that we go out and walk by the river, I didn't even know they had one and it was so beautiful, we had a great time there.

And of course I couldn't leave the city without sending some postcards.


Saturday, March 4, 2017


I promised myself to write this post every single year, and after writing it only once I was on the verge of convincing myself that I'm too tired to write it again this year, so stressed out and tired to think or read or write anything not related to my job right now, but for some reason I managed to collect strength and do it and I'm so glad I did how would I remember what happened in that year I had 22 if I don't save it on my blog just how? anyway that's what happened the year I had 22 years old or at least what I remember from it:

February 2016:
All I can remember is school, exams, friends and of course my beloved library, the only pic I could find about this month is this one from the restroom of this really beautiful cafe in Agadir; 

March 2016:
Looking actively for an internship with no result yet enjoying spring, going for the first time to Taghazout beach with the girls that day I'll never forget with a lot of wind;

April 2016: 
The second semester of the school year, boring classes that made me take the decision of never thinking about doing a master degree in economics, especially that logistic class, it was so slow that to pass time I was coping poetry on my note book so I won't kill someone. 
The highlight of the month was me doing something that I always wanted to do, I participated in my first marathon, 10 km my timing was so bad but at least I finished it.

May 2016:
This month I read ''le deuxieme sexe'' by simone de beauvoir, which is considered the feminist bible, what ever people say about this book good or bad it was one of those books that helped me grow and accept who I am, this month also was the last when it comes to classes before starting the internship which means exams and library;

June 2016: 
Started the internship that my sister found for me, since I failed at finding one myself, I'm not really proud about this I wished I had found it myself, but whatever I spend that whole month in that company in front of my computer preparing for my project which I presented by the end of the month some really stressing days.

July 2016:
My sister got married, I spend a lot of time with family preparing for the wedding, it was fun even though I hate weddings, the rest of the month I spend it reading and going to the beach with my friends.

August 2016:
My sister's second wedding, then the two weeks in Tamazight, then the realization that summer was already ending and I did nothing during it beside relaxing and playing with my little cousins.

September 2017:
I volunteered at Anir association, it was my first time and it just opened my eyes about how much I love working with children.

October/ November 2016:
Beginning the journey of looking for a job, seeing my friends chasing after master degrees, long boring days spent thinking and helping mom around the house and out. the highlight of those two months was my dear friend Soumaya coming all the way from Laayoune to Agadir for a really short visit, I didn't see her for a year and I missed her so much, I was so happy to see her again.

December 2016:
Finally finding a job, at a city I never paid attention to and a really far one from home ''Tata'' but I was so excited who would say no to new places new people and new experiences.

January 2017:
The first days of the new year brought a really sad news one of my friends died, I was so shocked how can a person disappear just like that, because of a small mistake, actually I still not get it, anyway LAH irahmou.
I had only few days before heading to ''Tata'' I spend it with my familly and I meet most of my friends because I knew I won't be seeing them untill summer. 

All this happened the year I had 22 years old, plus other things like sending my first postcard, cutting my hair really short by myself and crying a lot about things that I couldn't change, I did grow that's for sure by one additional year, now I'm 23 years old living at this village near ''Tata'' going through an experience I always dreamed about but that is an other story I'm going to write about in an other post, to all my friends reading this post or not I'm saying thanks for making my year an awesome one I miss you all.

Monday, December 26, 2016

أفضل عشر روايات قرأتها في سنة 2016

تشارف هته السنة على النهاية لنرحب بسنة أخرى جديدة، لن أقول الجملة الشهيرة " كم مرت هته السنة بسرعة ؟" لأني ببساطة اكره هته الجملة التي لن يقولها إلا شخص لم يقم بشيء أتناء سنته وإذا كنت تحس بأن السنة مرت بسرعة اقرأ بعضا من يومياتك أو شاهد الفيديوهات على اليوتوب التي تعرض أهم  أحدات السنة إدا كنت لا تكتب يوميات ستلاحظ أن السنة مرت بسرعتها الاعتيادية فقد حدث الكثير و الكثير استثمارنا للوقت هو الذي يعطينا ذلك الإحساس  أن السنة قد مرت بسرعة على ما أظن، على أية حال مرت بسرعة أو ببطء الشىء الوحيد المتأكد منه الآن هي أنها شارفت على النهاية لكن قبل أن أودع سنتي أردت أن أشارك معكم أفضل عشر روايات قرأنها هته السنة.

قرأت هته السنة ستة و ثلاثين كتاب بين روايات و قصص مصورة، أنا جد فخورة بهذا الرقم فعل القراءة ليس بالشيء السهل بالنسبة لي مع وجود كل تلك المغريات الأخرى كم هو سهل أن ترمي الكتاب و تشاهد مسلسل كوري آخر أو أن تتصفح إلى مالا نهاية تمبر أو انستغرام أو فيسبوك أو ببساطة أن تتأمل سقف غرفتكمل ...مع دلك سأحال السنة المقبل أن أقرأ أكثر إلى ذلك الحين أقدم أفضل عشر روايات قرأتها في سنة 2016:

-      _ Les justes de Albert Camus:

_ Le jour du roi d’ablellah taia:

-      _  Une mélancolie arabe de abdellah taia:

 _ السوق الداخلي لمحمد شكري:

   : اكره الحب لطه عدنان

-       _ Bel ami de Guy de Maupassant:

-       _ La métamorphose de Kafka:

-      _ Kafka sur le rivage de Haruki Murakami:

_ تاكسي لخالد الخميسي:

-       _ What I talk about when I talk about running  by  Haruki Murakami:

 هته القائمة ادن هي قائمة أفضل عشر كتب قرأتها و التي أنارت طريقي و رافقتني هته السنة، القائمة تنقصها القصص المصورة والتي سأخصص لها المقالة المقبلة إن شاء الله. أتمنى أن تكون السنة المقبلة مليئة بالكتب الجيدة و ان اتوفق في تحقيق ولو جزء من الاهداف التي سطرتها لها.