Friday, June 26, 2015

My progress in spanish + my current favorite spanish songs #2

"Hola, me llamó merieme, tengo veintiún anos, vivo en agadir, es un cuidad en el sur de marruecos, agadir es muy agredable sobre todo en verano, trabajo como camarera, es mi trabajo este verano.  
Aprendo espanol por dos anos, pero mi nivel es no bueno porque me estudiando solo en mi casa utilizando internet y a veces me aburro.
Pero este verano intento trabajar mas y estudiar mas, y mi gol es leer un libro entero en espanol espero que si."

So this is all I could say in spanish when I recorded myself, and I know it's not a good thing since it doesn't reflect my work, and it's a little frustrating, but I'm not giving up I'll learn this language one day.

One of the tips I found on the internet about learning any language is to diversify my learning resources, so I have been searching for and trying different resources; I have found this app called Duolingo, it's a great app to learn vocabulary and I love using it, and I started listening to a new podcast Showtime spanish and I like it so far, I also began to watch this telenovela La que no podia amar the site where I'm watching it provides english and spanish subtitles witch is so helpful. I'm the type to get easily bored so using different resources helps me a lot.

Now to music;
this month I have been listening a lot to some old but yet so good songs by enrique iglesias.


Hey dime a donde vas                                             Hey tell me where you're going
y si sabes tu distino                                                  and if you know your destity
Ayer cabais en mi corazon                                      yesturday you fit in my heart
y te escondiste en un rincon                                   and you hid in a corner
del otro lado                                                               of the other side
yo se que la vida nos dejo                                        I know that life let us 
saber que nuestro amor                                           know that our love
no esta acabado                                                         is not over
Enrique Iglesias feat. Juan Luis Guerra-Cuando Me Enamoro:

Cuando me enamoro                                               When I fall in love
a veces desespero                                                     Sometimes I get desperate
Cuando me enamoro                                               When I fall in love
Cuando menos melo espero                                   When I least expect it
me enamoro                                                               I fall in love
Se detiene el tiempo                                                 Time stops
me viene el alma al cuerpo                                     soul comes to my body
sonrio, cuando me enamoro                                  I smile, when I fall in love

Since I'm a big fan of Ricky Martin, I'm always listening to one of his songs, this month I have been listening to:
Tu Recuerdo by Ricky Martin & Mari Chambao:

Tu recuerdo sigue aqui                                          Your memory stays here
Como un aguacero                                                  Like a cloudburst
Rompe fuerte sobre mi                                          It hits me hard
Pero a fuego lento                                                   But slowly
Quema y moja por igual                                        It burns and soaks me all the same
Y ya no se lo que pensar                                        And I don't know what to think
Si tu recuerdo me hace bien                                 If your memory is good  
o me hace mal                                                         or bad for me

Ricky Martin - La Mordidita:

I enjoy listing to this song so much, so richy martin.

I saved the best for the last,
Solita by Prince Royce:

Tomando el autobús                                               While I was taking the bus
En un Diciembre a mi vida llegas tú                    In a December you came into my life
La niña que tantas veces yo había                        The girl of whom I’ve dreamed so many
soñado                                                                          times
Y como un loco, cada noche deseado                   And like a crazy, I desired her every night  
I'd like to mention that for the lyrics and the translation, I use this website that I like so much

Friday, June 12, 2015

My trip back to Casablanca


It was 22:30 Sunday night when dad drove me to the bus station, he didn't stop warning me how dangers casa was early in the morning, how I should take the taxi once there waiting for the bus alone isn't safe, he kept insisting on this he knows I hate taxis, I kept answering yes dad ok dad, it was not my first time traveling to casa, but he (dad) and mom still act like I was a child.

After buying the ticket which is not that easy in moroccan bus stations, and made sure I was comfortable in my seat, dad went back home finally. I'm 21 he shouldn't be so worried about me but he just does I should prove him I can handle alone those situations, I think.

It was a year since I last visited casablanca, I missed my friends so much, but it wasn't the raison I was going to it, I needed some paper from my old university. the trip lasted 6 hours, I couldn't sleep I kept listening to an audio-book I downloaded and the time flew by.
It was 6 am when I arrived to casa, I descended at the station that dad calls a jungle and it is with all those homeless people. I didn't care much about the station what made me anxious was the empty streets outside, so I headed in quick steps to the bus station, sorry dad but I hate taxis, I hate that stupid conversation with the driver, the station wasn't empty which made me relaxed, soon the bus came in half an hour I was at my friend's place, her mom was so nice, made the bad for me to rest and give me pg's to feel comfortable I slept for an hour before going to the uni.

My experience this time at that school wasn't as bad as last time, the administration still sucks, but they gave me my paper without  begging, yelling or cursing, they just made me wait for 3 hour.

On the road, back to my friend's house I felt at ease, all my anxiety sources were gone, I sat looking outside the bus window, nothing really changed beside the new garbage boxes, the air wasn't as stinky as the last time I was there, I just realized how much I missed my every day trip to school and casa in general, the city where I was born and grow up, it's the most dirty and definitely not so safe city but I missed it,its nice helpful people not all of them but living in agadir made me appreciate that quality in casawi people, how easy it was to start a conversation with a total stranger in the bus. 

I eat lunch, rested for a few hours, I couldn't help not visiting my uncle and its little family I missed them so much, he lives now at my old house, once there I got a little bit nostalgic but I didn't burst into real tears until I sow a neighborhood friend it was weird but it felt good, I said goodbye to my house, and at 7 pm I was on the road again back to agadir.

All I was doing on the trip was thinking, thinking how much I grow up, how it was hard for me to get used to living in a new city, It costed me a year without studying and who knows about next year, but in the end, now that I said my farewells to my old city, I felt fresh, I'm starting a new page in my life with no regrets or prejudice. this is life, we are in a trip  we land at different places, meet new people say goodbye to others, have bad memories good ones, the most important thing is to always move forward and don't get stuck in the past

I didn't know my trip would turn me this wise, I arrived at 4 am, dad was waiting for me!!.