Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Spanish progress + my current favorite spanish songs #4

So what was I doing to make my spanish better this month let’s think, I had a plan but did I stick to it I don't think so, let’s not write excuses and be useful if someone check this post looking for useful spanish resources, let’s get start:

I found some really useful videos on youtube, they are called easy Spanish they are basically just random people answering questions. the videos have subtitles which is really helpful:

The second thing I wanted to talk about are book tags, which are really popular on blogs and on youtube, and it was fun doing one of them, I did the "esto o esto" tag I also intend to do other ones.

Finaly like I used to do, I’m going to share my favorite Spanish songs for the month which are:

Enrique Iglesias - El Perdedor (Pop) ft. Marco Antonio Solís:

J. Balvin - Ay Vamos:

I really hated this song first, but they have been replaying it non stop on the radio so I ended up liking it.

Maná - "Mi Verdad" a dueto con Shakira:
ohhh my shakira

Romeo santos - Odio:
I don't like that much the original song but some covers are way better.


last but not least my prince;
Prince Royce - Nada:


So that was pretty much everything I have been doing to improve my spanish, I wish next year would be my lucky year in learning spanish, but it's really hard to learn a new language, I did my best this year and I'll try harder next year, wish me good luck.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Random thoughts #3

Back to school

So ya congratulation to me I got accepted at the school I had in mind to get to, it felt nice to be back to school after a year wandering around, at least I know what I’ll be doing this year; It fells also odd to be back to school especially that I got used to studying in a class where there is more than 300 student, now it’s like returning back to high school my class has only 29 student, I got used to never participate we didn't had to, the teacher just keep talking and us the rest of the class listen, it’s not the case anymore and it’s a little bit stressing me out but it’s ok I’ll get used to the new atmosphere; I’m glad I got accepted and I’m going to do my best, last year was really hard on me I felt so helpless, not this year.


What a beautiful word “independence” my ultimate dream, I feel like I need to live that experience of living on my own, dealing with the daily life problems on my own I just envy people who live like that, well I only see them in movies or on youtube because around me no one seem to have any problem living with their parents even at their thirties. it’s just a cultural thing, every time I tell a friend about my dream he just start talking about how weird I am and that I should be grateful for having parents that support me, they just don’t understand when I first started working during summer it hit me how cruel this word is and how much dad and mom did for me and I’m way grateful for all they did for me. me wanting to be independent doesn't have any thing to do with me being ungrateful at all, me wanting to be independent has everything to do with me wanting to know more this word, to know truly who I am and me wanting to grow and that it is that really hard to be understood??


So I started posting videos on youtube, and I truly don’t know why maybe boredom maybe it’s just fun to film yourself thinking out loud, and capture moments in life but why make them public??? Especially that I film with my mediocre quality camera phone, sometimes we just do thing because we feel like doing them that’s why.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Recent reads #4

October was a long waiting month, and the best thing to do while waiting is to read, and that’s what I did, I read during october four book and a half, yes that month also I couldn't finish reading a book.

So let’s get start; all the books I read were in french, it was a while since I last read something in french so it was ok, actually all those books were books programed for school that I didn't get the chance to read. the books were:
Poil de Carotte by JULES RENARD
The book is an autobiography of the author about his childhood, what I liked about the book was the way it was written with it’s composed of paragraphs each tells an event some were sad others were funny, he didn't had the best childhood but that's what made the book an interesting read it was so real, I just liked it so much.

La Gloire de mon Père by MARCEL PAGNOL

This book is also an autobiography, it’s the first tome of the books about MARCEL PAGNOL’s life, so the book is about his childhood a happy childhood or this is how he makes it look like. the book is mostly about his dad which he admires a lot and shaped the way he sees the word. I really liked his dad, he had some really interesting opinions. this book wasn't as good for me as poil de carotte, some parts of the book looked not that real to me maybe it came more from the author's imagination than his memory.


This book is a novella, it had only few pages, this is my second novela by GUY DE MAUPASSANT and this book was as interesting as the first one, only few pages made me so confused and it just made think a lot, I'm now curious to read more books by this author and I’m planning to do so.

Il Etait une Fois un Vieux Couple Heureux by MOHAMMED KHAIR-EDDINE

As the title says it the book is about the happy life of this old couple, their life in an amazigh village in morocco, away from the loudness of the cities. the book also covers a period of morocco's history I really liked this book. I’m myself amazigh and those two characters and all the characters in that village were so familiar to me. I’m proud of my origins but I don’t know much about them, this books just made me think about how beautiful my culture is and how easy it would be forgotten if we didn't care about it, en general this book was amazing, it was so slow going yet every paragraph had something interesting in it.

The Labirinth by KATE MOSSE

A mystery book that I couldn't finish, it was so long and so slow going, I read half of it yet I didn't understand much of what was going on, it was not because of my level in english but because of the style of writing. I think it’s my first time reading a mystery book and maybe I choosed the wrong  book to introduce me to this gendra. the book was just so long for me I felt like wasting like my time while reading it. I don’t know if I’ll ever return to finish it maybe if someone convince me to.

So those where my october reads, it was overall a good month when it cames to the books I read during it. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Recent reads #3

A delayed post about not so recent reads, but whatever better late than never right? So in this post I’ll be talking about the books I read during the months of august and september, not much just three books and one remained unfinished.

Let’s start with the book I loved so much which was “The Age of Innocence” by EDITH WHARTON, an American classic that happens in New York, the story is about this lawyer who finds himself torn between two choices one marrying the woman who everyone around him think is the right for him two choosing the women he likes, what made me really in love with this book was not the love story but how it was used to show us how much our society control our life, how much we fear being judged by our surrounding, I gave this book five stars on goodreads and I think it’s a fair rating since I really enjoyed it.

the second and the third books I read were “The Parisian Christmas Bake off” by JENNY OLIVER and “The Undomestic Goddess” by SOPHIE KINSELLA, I bought those two books because their stories seemed fun and easy perfect for summer, and they turned out like I predicted the first book is about this British baker who will leave her job as a teacher to pursuit her dream in Paris, the second is about this lawyer who would run from her office after making a big mistake. both stories are fine but the fact that the plot in both stories was so predictable annoyed me a little bit, I think easy fun reads aren't meant for me.

So those were the books I read, now to the book I couldn't finish which was “FACES” by MARTINA COLE, the book is a sort of a life story of this criminal called Danny, the book seemed interesting but it turned out so boring and so repetitive plus the fact that it had 666 page didn't help much, I stopped in the middle of the book, and I don't think I'll finish it anytime soon.

that was all for today's post, I read more books in November that I enjoyed way better, so I think the next post will be also about books.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Random thoughts

Waiting that’s what I have been doing lately, waiting patiently, I sent my candidature to some schools and I’m waiting for their respond, and I don’t know why they’re taking so long, but I’ll wait I’m good at it, I try to live every day to the fullest, read, write, go out, last week I went to a concert it was fun but still in the end of the day, you can’t help not thinking about the future not the far one since I don’t care much about it, but the near one the next steep at least not knowing the next steep make you dream right? better than living a life that you already know it’s steeps, that’s why I don’t think about the far future that already my parents/culture had already draw for me.

I kind of regret not prolonging my work contract, I could have worked another month, but it’s ok I was too tired from the two months I worked, waitressing isn’t an easy thing especially when your boss overworks you and the consumers act rudely with you, not all of them but this year I just met a lot of them my bad luck I guess, I wasn't one of those people who judge people from the stereotypes they know about their country but sadly I became, some nationalities are rude or it's just the way they act with people who serve them food I don't know.

Am I the only one who started to hate watching the news, just too much bad news for me to handle, starting from the Syrian refugees to what's happening in Saudi Arabia, in Palestine in Yamane not to mention what's happening in morocco, just too much I just stopped watching them, what's the use of knowing what's happening in the word anyway, I gain nothing from it, it just depresses me, you just feel so small and vulnerable capable of nothing.

I run out of books, I finished reading all the books I bought for summer, and since I’m not planning to buy any soon, I had to think of something to do, sure I can go to the library but since I didn't start school yet I can’t register in yet, well I can but it’ll cost me more, so I didn't have much a choice but the look into my house for books I didn't read before, I found some really interesting ones, all of them are classic and in French which is good since I don’t read much in French, one of them actually was mine it was for high school but that I did never read which is no surprise since school can make any book a boring one, so I’m going to share with you my TBR for this month pray to GOD I’ll stick to it, well I don’t have much choice either, the books are:

Poil de carotte by JULES RENARD

La gloire the mon pere by MARCEL PAGNOL

Il etait une fois un vieux couple heureux by MOHAMMED KHAIR-EDDINE


I’m currently reading Poil de carotte and it’s not bad so far.



Sunday, September 20, 2015

My progress in spanish + my current favorite spanish songs #3

A new post about my progress in learning spanish, not my favourite subject to write about mainly because I'm learning is so slowly you can't feel the progress, I kind of feel ashamed of myself to say I'm learning spanish especially that I hear some people learned it in three months and here I am in my second year of it, when you learn alone by yourself at, sometimes you lose the motivation to continue and just get so lazy that's why I write those posts to remind myself that I started a learning journey, and there is no way I'm going to give up in the middle of it.

I don't know why I wrote this long introduction?!! whatever; those two months were really tiring for me since I was working, I didn't have much effort for grammar that's why I was concentrating on vocabulary, I was working as a waitress in pretty touristic area, translating the menu to customers was part of my job, I translated the menu to spanish, it wasn't that hard and it helped me a lot, spanish tourists became my specialty even though there wasn't much of them this year. anyway this is the list of the vocabulary I learned maybe it'll help someone out there :

Una camarera: a waitress
Hacer un pedido: to make an order
Una pizza individual, mediana o grande: an undividuel, medium or large pizza
Una pizza grueso o fina: a waitress: a thick or thin pizza
Las sabores de la pizza: flavors of the pizza
margarita, con carne(with meat), vejetariana, 4 quesos (4 cheeses), con marisco (with seafood)
Bebidas: drinks
Aguas mineral: bottled waters
Gaseosas: soda
Ensaladas: salads
Entradas: entries
Pan de ajo con queso: garlic bread with cheese
Alas de pollo: chicken wings
Pastas: pasta
Lasagna con salsa bolognesa: lasagna with meat sauce
Lasagna con marisco: seafood lasagna

other than this vocabulary I learned I have been watching this spanish youtuber, the name of her channel is yuya, she speaks so fast that sometimes the only thing I understand is her introduction "hola guapuras yo soy yuya" and after that I watch the pictures but it's ok native speakers speak fast I like her videos always cute, she's cute:

Now to my favourite spanish songs this month, this summer there was a lot of successful spanish songs playing on the radio and I was glad for that the best for me were:

el perdón - nicky jam & enrique iglesias:

El perdón
Te estaba buscando
Por las calles gritando
Esto me está matando
Te estaba buscando
Por las calles gritando
Como un loco tomando
Es que yo sin ti
Y tú sin mi
Dime quién puede ser feliz
Esto no me gusta
Esto no me gusta

I was looking for you
Crying out in the streets
This is killing me
I was looking for you
Crying out in the streets
Like a crazy drunk
It's just that me without you
And you without me
Tell me, who can be happy?
I don't like this
I don't like this

El Mismo Sol - Alvaro Soler

El mismo sol
Yo quiero que este sea
El mundo que conteste
Del hasta oeste
Y bajo el mismo sol
Ahora nos vamos
Si juntos celebramos
Aquí todos estamos
Bajo el mismo sol
Y bajo el mismo sol

the same sun
I want this to be
The world to answer
From east to west
And under the same sun
Now we go
Yes we celebrate together
There we celebrate
Under the same sun
And under the same sun

Enrique Iglesias - Noche Y De Dia ft. Yandel, Juan Magan:

Noche y de día
Hay calor in la ciudad
Hay calor in la bahía
Venga fuimos de fiesta
De noche y de día
Fusión internacional
Baila que trae alegría
Venga que siga la fiesta
De noche y de día
At night and at day
There is heat in the city
There is heat in the bay
Como on in we went to the party
On night and on day
International fusion
Dance that brings you joy
Come on the party goes
On night and on day

the next songs aren't that new, actually they are spanish version of some famous american songs, I just discovered them and they are good especially that you don't need to translate them you already get the meaning
Como Amar-enrique iglesias:

Como amar
Te fuiste pero nunca me dijiste adiós
Me dejaste en mil pedazos
Por no saber amar
Como amar
La vida va pasado
Tu carita no ha cambiado
Esos ojitos negros que
Siguen suplicando como amar
Como amar
How to love
You left but I never said goodbye
You left me to pieces
For not knowing how to love
How to love
Life goes by
Your faces not changed
Those black eyes
Are begging how to love
How to love

Ven a Bailar - Jennifer lopez:

Noche y de día
Hay calor in la ciudad
Hay calor in la bahía
Venga fuimos de fiesta
De noche y de día
Fusión internacional
Baila que trae alegría
Venga que siga la fiesta
De noche y de día
At night and at day
There is heat in the city
There is heat in the bay
Como on in we went to the party
On night and on day
International fusion
Dance that brings you joy
Come on the party goes
On night and on day

That's it in of this post, next post about spanish would be better I promise, I'll try harder wish me good luck.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Recent reads

It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog like two months, and that’s mainly because of my laziness, plus I felt like my head was empty two stressed to work or think let along write, all I was doing was read, at least I have been doing that.
And that’s what I'm going to talk about today. I have been reading books from different genres a classic, a young adult and some children books.

Let’s start with the classic one, it's a really famous French classic, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, the book is about this women who lives her life thinking that she doesn’t have what it takes to be happy, so she tries to chase those things she’s too blind to know or see that she already have everything. Emma the name of this woman in her chase would do things that we consider or her society considers immoral and even stupid, she knows that but she doesn’t care as long as she’ll get her happy ending the ending that she’ll never get. While reading other people’s reviews about the book I remarked that some people hated Emma because of her disrespect to her husband and child others pitied her for her ignorance, for me I couldn’t stop thinking how much Emma was reliable character how human nature is alike I could see myself doing what Emma was doing, when we are bored, desperate and unhappy we do stupid things that we know are stupid but we think they are better than staying still, doing nothing and just feeling like dying a little bit everyday.

The second book I read was a young adult called the DUFF written by Kody Keplinger, I picked this book because of a positive review of a moroccan youtuber, the story is ok but just not that good for me, too much talking about looks and sex that's what I remember from it, I don't know why but young adult books aren't for me, I'm afraid I'm being unfair to this genre but that's just what I feel, final verdict the DUFF was a waste of time.

All the other books I read are children books, I have been planning to read those forever, and finally I did, like I expected they weren't that easy to read, the vocabulary was all new to me animal names flower names, even with this difficulty I really enjoyed those books, I read Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson a dreamy book about jess and leslie and their magical world I liked this book so much especially that even though it's a children book the author talked about deep issues such as death, religion, love, children abuse this book is just amazing, I also read secret garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett the book tells the story of Mary a spoiled sick child, who will move to her uncle estate where her life will change not only hers but the life of many people around her, this book is just beautiful, I did retell this story to my little cousin and he was amazed with it, he told me that he wish he could also have a secret garden, I replied me too after this book who doesn't dream of one, the last book is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and to be honest I didn't understand much of it or the book had not much in it, I don't know all I could remember from it was that Alice kept changing sizes kept asking herself who she was, maybe I'm going to reread this book someday I should this book is famous it should be for a reason am I wrong?

That's it for this post, I'm going to keep reading and try to write more I know my writing style sucks, I should try more. to the few people who read the rumbling I write thank you.

Friday, June 26, 2015

My progress in spanish + my current favorite spanish songs #2

"Hola, me llamó merieme, tengo veintiún anos, vivo en agadir, es un cuidad en el sur de marruecos, agadir es muy agredable sobre todo en verano, trabajo como camarera, es mi trabajo este verano.  
Aprendo espanol por dos anos, pero mi nivel es no bueno porque me estudiando solo en mi casa utilizando internet y a veces me aburro.
Pero este verano intento trabajar mas y estudiar mas, y mi gol es leer un libro entero en espanol espero que si."

So this is all I could say in spanish when I recorded myself, and I know it's not a good thing since it doesn't reflect my work, and it's a little frustrating, but I'm not giving up I'll learn this language one day.

One of the tips I found on the internet about learning any language is to diversify my learning resources, so I have been searching for and trying different resources; I have found this app called Duolingo, it's a great app to learn vocabulary and I love using it, and I started listening to a new podcast Showtime spanish and I like it so far, I also began to watch this telenovela La que no podia amar the site where I'm watching it provides english and spanish subtitles witch is so helpful. I'm the type to get easily bored so using different resources helps me a lot.

Now to music;
this month I have been listening a lot to some old but yet so good songs by enrique iglesias.


Hey dime a donde vas                                             Hey tell me where you're going
y si sabes tu distino                                                  and if you know your destity
Ayer cabais en mi corazon                                      yesturday you fit in my heart
y te escondiste en un rincon                                   and you hid in a corner
del otro lado                                                               of the other side
yo se que la vida nos dejo                                        I know that life let us 
saber que nuestro amor                                           know that our love
no esta acabado                                                         is not over
Enrique Iglesias feat. Juan Luis Guerra-Cuando Me Enamoro:

Cuando me enamoro                                               When I fall in love
a veces desespero                                                     Sometimes I get desperate
Cuando me enamoro                                               When I fall in love
Cuando menos melo espero                                   When I least expect it
me enamoro                                                               I fall in love
Se detiene el tiempo                                                 Time stops
me viene el alma al cuerpo                                     soul comes to my body
sonrio, cuando me enamoro                                  I smile, when I fall in love

Since I'm a big fan of Ricky Martin, I'm always listening to one of his songs, this month I have been listening to:
Tu Recuerdo by Ricky Martin & Mari Chambao:

Tu recuerdo sigue aqui                                          Your memory stays here
Como un aguacero                                                  Like a cloudburst
Rompe fuerte sobre mi                                          It hits me hard
Pero a fuego lento                                                   But slowly
Quema y moja por igual                                        It burns and soaks me all the same
Y ya no se lo que pensar                                        And I don't know what to think
Si tu recuerdo me hace bien                                 If your memory is good  
o me hace mal                                                         or bad for me

Ricky Martin - La Mordidita:

I enjoy listing to this song so much, so richy martin.

I saved the best for the last,
Solita by Prince Royce:

Tomando el autobús                                               While I was taking the bus
En un Diciembre a mi vida llegas tú                    In a December you came into my life
La niña que tantas veces yo había                        The girl of whom I’ve dreamed so many
soñado                                                                          times
Y como un loco, cada noche deseado                   And like a crazy, I desired her every night  
I'd like to mention that for the lyrics and the translation, I use this website that I like so much http://lyricstranslate.com/

Friday, June 12, 2015

My trip back to Casablanca


It was 22:30 Sunday night when dad drove me to the bus station, he didn't stop warning me how dangers casa was early in the morning, how I should take the taxi once there waiting for the bus alone isn't safe, he kept insisting on this he knows I hate taxis, I kept answering yes dad ok dad, it was not my first time traveling to casa, but he (dad) and mom still act like I was a child.

After buying the ticket which is not that easy in moroccan bus stations, and made sure I was comfortable in my seat, dad went back home finally. I'm 21 he shouldn't be so worried about me but he just does I should prove him I can handle alone those situations, I think.

It was a year since I last visited casablanca, I missed my friends so much, but it wasn't the raison I was going to it, I needed some paper from my old university. the trip lasted 6 hours, I couldn't sleep I kept listening to an audio-book I downloaded and the time flew by.
It was 6 am when I arrived to casa, I descended at the station that dad calls a jungle and it is with all those homeless people. I didn't care much about the station what made me anxious was the empty streets outside, so I headed in quick steps to the bus station, sorry dad but I hate taxis, I hate that stupid conversation with the driver, the station wasn't empty which made me relaxed, soon the bus came in half an hour I was at my friend's place, her mom was so nice, made the bad for me to rest and give me pg's to feel comfortable I slept for an hour before going to the uni.

My experience this time at that school wasn't as bad as last time, the administration still sucks, but they gave me my paper without  begging, yelling or cursing, they just made me wait for 3 hour.

On the road, back to my friend's house I felt at ease, all my anxiety sources were gone, I sat looking outside the bus window, nothing really changed beside the new garbage boxes, the air wasn't as stinky as the last time I was there, I just realized how much I missed my every day trip to school and casa in general, the city where I was born and grow up, it's the most dirty and definitely not so safe city but I missed it,its nice helpful people not all of them but living in agadir made me appreciate that quality in casawi people, how easy it was to start a conversation with a total stranger in the bus. 

I eat lunch, rested for a few hours, I couldn't help not visiting my uncle and its little family I missed them so much, he lives now at my old house, once there I got a little bit nostalgic but I didn't burst into real tears until I sow a neighborhood friend it was weird but it felt good, I said goodbye to my house, and at 7 pm I was on the road again back to agadir.

All I was doing on the trip was thinking, thinking how much I grow up, how it was hard for me to get used to living in a new city, It costed me a year without studying and who knows about next year, but in the end, now that I said my farewells to my old city, I felt fresh, I'm starting a new page in my life with no regrets or prejudice. this is life, we are in a trip  we land at different places, meet new people say goodbye to others, have bad memories good ones, the most important thing is to always move forward and don't get stuck in the past

I didn't know my trip would turn me this wise, I arrived at 4 am, dad was waiting for me!!.