Friday, November 20, 2015

Recent reads #4

October was a long waiting month, and the best thing to do while waiting is to read, and that’s what I did, I read during october four book and a half, yes that month also I couldn't finish reading a book.

So let’s get start; all the books I read were in french, it was a while since I last read something in french so it was ok, actually all those books were books programed for school that I didn't get the chance to read. the books were:
Poil de Carotte by JULES RENARD
The book is an autobiography of the author about his childhood, what I liked about the book was the way it was written with it’s composed of paragraphs each tells an event some were sad others were funny, he didn't had the best childhood but that's what made the book an interesting read it was so real, I just liked it so much.

La Gloire de mon Père by MARCEL PAGNOL

This book is also an autobiography, it’s the first tome of the books about MARCEL PAGNOL’s life, so the book is about his childhood a happy childhood or this is how he makes it look like. the book is mostly about his dad which he admires a lot and shaped the way he sees the word. I really liked his dad, he had some really interesting opinions. this book wasn't as good for me as poil de carotte, some parts of the book looked not that real to me maybe it came more from the author's imagination than his memory.


This book is a novella, it had only few pages, this is my second novela by GUY DE MAUPASSANT and this book was as interesting as the first one, only few pages made me so confused and it just made think a lot, I'm now curious to read more books by this author and I’m planning to do so.

Il Etait une Fois un Vieux Couple Heureux by MOHAMMED KHAIR-EDDINE

As the title says it the book is about the happy life of this old couple, their life in an amazigh village in morocco, away from the loudness of the cities. the book also covers a period of morocco's history I really liked this book. I’m myself amazigh and those two characters and all the characters in that village were so familiar to me. I’m proud of my origins but I don’t know much about them, this books just made me think about how beautiful my culture is and how easy it would be forgotten if we didn't care about it, en general this book was amazing, it was so slow going yet every paragraph had something interesting in it.

The Labirinth by KATE MOSSE

A mystery book that I couldn't finish, it was so long and so slow going, I read half of it yet I didn't understand much of what was going on, it was not because of my level in english but because of the style of writing. I think it’s my first time reading a mystery book and maybe I choosed the wrong  book to introduce me to this gendra. the book was just so long for me I felt like wasting like my time while reading it. I don’t know if I’ll ever return to finish it maybe if someone convince me to.

So those where my october reads, it was overall a good month when it cames to the books I read during it. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Recent reads #3

A delayed post about not so recent reads, but whatever better late than never right? So in this post I’ll be talking about the books I read during the months of august and september, not much just three books and one remained unfinished.

Let’s start with the book I loved so much which was “The Age of Innocence” by EDITH WHARTON, an American classic that happens in New York, the story is about this lawyer who finds himself torn between two choices one marrying the woman who everyone around him think is the right for him two choosing the women he likes, what made me really in love with this book was not the love story but how it was used to show us how much our society control our life, how much we fear being judged by our surrounding, I gave this book five stars on goodreads and I think it’s a fair rating since I really enjoyed it.

the second and the third books I read were “The Parisian Christmas Bake off” by JENNY OLIVER and “The Undomestic Goddess” by SOPHIE KINSELLA, I bought those two books because their stories seemed fun and easy perfect for summer, and they turned out like I predicted the first book is about this British baker who will leave her job as a teacher to pursuit her dream in Paris, the second is about this lawyer who would run from her office after making a big mistake. both stories are fine but the fact that the plot in both stories was so predictable annoyed me a little bit, I think easy fun reads aren't meant for me.

So those were the books I read, now to the book I couldn't finish which was “FACES” by MARTINA COLE, the book is a sort of a life story of this criminal called Danny, the book seemed interesting but it turned out so boring and so repetitive plus the fact that it had 666 page didn't help much, I stopped in the middle of the book, and I don't think I'll finish it anytime soon.

that was all for today's post, I read more books in November that I enjoyed way better, so I think the next post will be also about books.