Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Spanish progress + my current favorite spanish songs #4

So what was I doing to make my spanish better this month let’s think, I had a plan but did I stick to it I don't think so, let’s not write excuses and be useful if someone check this post looking for useful spanish resources, let’s get start:

I found some really useful videos on youtube, they are called easy Spanish they are basically just random people answering questions. the videos have subtitles which is really helpful:

The second thing I wanted to talk about are book tags, which are really popular on blogs and on youtube, and it was fun doing one of them, I did the "esto o esto" tag I also intend to do other ones.

Finaly like I used to do, I’m going to share my favorite Spanish songs for the month which are:

Enrique Iglesias - El Perdedor (Pop) ft. Marco Antonio Solís:

J. Balvin - Ay Vamos:

I really hated this song first, but they have been replaying it non stop on the radio so I ended up liking it.

Maná - "Mi Verdad" a dueto con Shakira:
ohhh my shakira

Romeo santos - Odio:
I don't like that much the original song but some covers are way better.


last but not least my prince;
Prince Royce - Nada:


So that was pretty much everything I have been doing to improve my spanish, I wish next year would be my lucky year in learning spanish, but it's really hard to learn a new language, I did my best this year and I'll try harder next year, wish me good luck.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Random thoughts #3

Back to school

So ya congratulation to me I got accepted at the school I had in mind to get to, it felt nice to be back to school after a year wandering around, at least I know what I’ll be doing this year; It fells also odd to be back to school especially that I got used to studying in a class where there is more than 300 student, now it’s like returning back to high school my class has only 29 student, I got used to never participate we didn't had to, the teacher just keep talking and us the rest of the class listen, it’s not the case anymore and it’s a little bit stressing me out but it’s ok I’ll get used to the new atmosphere; I’m glad I got accepted and I’m going to do my best, last year was really hard on me I felt so helpless, not this year.


What a beautiful word “independence” my ultimate dream, I feel like I need to live that experience of living on my own, dealing with the daily life problems on my own I just envy people who live like that, well I only see them in movies or on youtube because around me no one seem to have any problem living with their parents even at their thirties. it’s just a cultural thing, every time I tell a friend about my dream he just start talking about how weird I am and that I should be grateful for having parents that support me, they just don’t understand when I first started working during summer it hit me how cruel this word is and how much dad and mom did for me and I’m way grateful for all they did for me. me wanting to be independent doesn't have any thing to do with me being ungrateful at all, me wanting to be independent has everything to do with me wanting to know more this word, to know truly who I am and me wanting to grow and that it is that really hard to be understood??


So I started posting videos on youtube, and I truly don’t know why maybe boredom maybe it’s just fun to film yourself thinking out loud, and capture moments in life but why make them public??? Especially that I film with my mediocre quality camera phone, sometimes we just do thing because we feel like doing them that’s why.