Friday, May 27, 2016

Recent reads #7

Here we go, another recent reads post, my favorite one to write, I just feel happy writing about the books I read, happy that with all the stress I'm going through I managed to read all those books. half of them are graphic novels, I feel like I discovered my new favorite thing, I didn't know that they could be so interesting so diverse, I guess they are just like other novels, so the books I read in the past weeks are:

Blankets, Manteau de neige by GRAIG THOMPSON: this book tells the story of the author himself, about his childhood when he was sharing his bed with his little brother, but mostly about his teens, his first love and his struggle with religion, and his fear of the future, this book was funny, sad, and confusing at times I really liked it, everything is so real and anyone could relate to some part of this book, maybe because we kind of go through the same things on our road to adulthood.

Asterios Polyp by DAVID MAZZUCCHELLI: I don’t know what to say about this graphic novel beside that it wasn’t easy for me understand what was happening in the beginning, but once I got used to it, it just blow my mind, the story is about this professor who thinks that he already knows everything about this world, he has this way of thinking that blocks creativity and diversity, but something would happen and would make him go on this journey where he would rediscover himself, this book was just amazing.

J’aurai adoré etre ethnologue by MARGAUX MOTIN: this GN is the first tome of a trilogy, I already read the third one of it which was good,  this tome wasn’t as good as the third one but it was readable, the hole series is about diaries of Margaux it’s not deep or anything it’ just fun to read sometimes even sallow but it’s ok I’m not  planning to read the second tome I think I got enough of Margaux

Dans l’ombre de charonne by Désirée and Alain FRAPPIER this GN is the testimony of Maryse Douek about what happened during the manifestation of metro charonne against fascism and for peace at algeria where 9 died  and 250 got injured, the book discusses the problimatic of the state using violence and brutality on people who were peacefully manifesting against some state’s decisions. killing innocent people just like that and never recognize that what happened was a crime made Maryse collaborate on doing this GN it was really frustrating to know that even in france the country of human rights those kinds of things happened  

الخبز الحافي by Mohamed chokri I was really hesitant to read this book I have heard a lot about how violent and disgusting it is but it was ok it was real and true that’s all, the book is the biographie of the author and it happened that he had a really hard childhood that’s all I’m glad I read this book and I’ll definitely read other books Mohamed chokri
1Q84 by HARUKI MURAKAMI, I bought this book because one I LOVE Haruki Murakami, two the title is inspired by one of my favorite books 1984 by george orwell, three it was so cheap, I was so happy to purchase it until I noticed it was only the first part of trilogy, I was hesitant to read it because I knew I would love it and I won't be able to find the second and the third books, and what I feared happened, the book is just amazing it was hard to get into it at first but once into it I was hooked I couldn't stop reading. I'm really sad that i'm not able to read the rest of the series.

The metamorphosis by KAFKA, my first book by this well known author, and I wasn't disappointed the story of this book isn't a regular one, it starts with our main character waking up to find himself an insect, I went through all the emotions while reading this book, I won't lie my eyes kind of teared up by the end of the story.

Books are all we need to make this life less bitter, I can't under
stand how some people who can read just go through this life without reading just how ?