Saturday, April 23, 2016

Things to do on the beach

Not long ago I went to Taghazout with my sisters, a beach 15 kms away from Agadir, the weather was so windy but that did not prevent us from having fun, we didn't swim but we did other bunch of things to enjoy our time there, and in this post I’ll suggest some activities you can do on the beach when you can't swim, because sometimes times sitting there looking at the waves can get a little bit boring:

 1- Take a walk around the village or the shops close to the beach:
Taghazout is a small fishing village not much to see in it, but who knows what you can discover there, I bought from it a postcard till now I don’t know to whom send it.

the world's first pizza hot restaurant
Taghazout beach is famous for surfing

2- Take a book with you:
Just take it with you, you’ll never know maybe you’ll read it, it all depends on your mood and the people you are with, I took with me the book I was reading at that time the metamorphose by KAFKA.

3- Play any card games:
There is a lot of card games really fun to play with, I like the ones with questions about culture, you discover that you are not the only ignorant one among your friends.

4- Make a rainbow:

My rainbow isn't as good as the one I saw on the dainty squid but I tried, it was my first time making one and it was really fun making it and this how you make one:
collect  garbage which in morocco is so easy
sort them by color
then shape them as a square or a hearth or what ever you want,

How cute is my friend
5- Take plenty of pictures:

so those are all the things we did on the beach, it was a fun day, Taghazout beach was a really beautiful place to visit, if you are around don't forget to visit it;